Greenfoot Sports Academy

Dreams to Reality!

We are an academy established under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and inherent Laws Governing Sports especially soccer. Our programs are open to Under 13, 15 and 17 boys and girls. 

We offers skill development in soccer and impacts early life lessons! Green Foot Sports Academy is a developmental-minded sports management organization, based in Enugu. We have presence across various states of the federation and is fully affiliated with and endorsed by the Enugu State Football Association (ESFA). We believe in the power of grassroots talent development.

Our focus is on identifying, nurturing and managing young talents to advance and achieve their dreams.

Our coaches provide instruction on core skills in an all-inclusive and fun-filled environment, partnering with top Clubs around the world!


Our coaches provide instruction on core skills in an all-inclusive and fun-filled environment, partnering with top Clubs around the world! Our program is specifically designed to work with both boys and girls of all abilities. Our team approach and organizational structure allows us to reinforce proper technique with a clear action plan.

With professional nurturing from the coaches using the best methodologies, the students are taught the academy values: tolerance, respect, solidarity, friendship, fair play, integration, effort, and happiness to enable them to succeed in their professional careers at all levels. The coaching is also wired to teach players the basic concepts of various sports (football, athletics etc) and to inspire them to be able to surpass any sporting or life’s challenges they may face in future. Our emphasis is on learning and developing skills through a variety of drill and game related activities. Our soccer facility is located at the Liberty Estate Rangers Training Pitch.


At Green Foot Sports Academy we understand the power sports has in uniting a team as a family. Our mission is to be one big family united by sports while promoting the spirit and values of integrity, mutual respect, solidarity, fair play, a deep sense of friendship and bonding and charitable acts through support for the underprivileged using the Green Foot

Foundation. Education is at the core of the values we profess.


To enable every person within the scope of the academy’s age bracket to participate in Sports, and to allow all involved to reach their full potential, whatever level that might be, and to inspire the world through sporting success.


We understand the peculiar nature of our immediate society and have therefore tailored our football coaching to include specialist outfield and goalkeeping sessions, strength and conditioning training and nutritional advice. We help players on their journey, preparing them for the modern game as well as providing opportunities to be seen by the professional football clubs.


We understand the enormous effect partnership has on the development of grass root sports, hence we are open to partnership in the technical, economic and social scope. Our potential partners are, Football Clubs, Schools, Government, Churches and Charities.