Adding Value to Practices

The Value that Matters


We understand the important role basic formal education plays in the mentality and overall build of an athlete. Partnering with educational institutions who understand the vision of the Academy is one of the core ideas of our Academy.

Mondays: (Male and Female)

4pm – 4:10pm : Warm up

4:10 -5pm- Strength and Conditioning Exercises

5:10- 5:50pm – ball work

5:50- 6pm- cool down exercises

Tuesdays: (Male and Female)

4pm- 4:10pm : Warm Up

4:10pm – 5pm: Speed and Agility exercises

5:10- 5:50pm: Small sided games.. 4v4, 5v5, 7v7

6pm: cool down exercises

Thursdays: (Male and Female)

4pm – 4:10pm: Warm Up exercises

4:10pm – 5pm: Tactical play and Team building

5:10pm – 5:50pm: 11v11

5:50pm – 6pm: Cool down exercises.


Joining our academy is easy and open to athletes who fall within the age category. The academy announces dates and venues for open trials. Successful athletes are picked from these trials and are then put through the philosophy of the Academy through a welcome lunch.